There are so many other things on the news right now, especially with the presidential election coming up soon.  But one story that too many people seem to have forgotten about, is the Flint water crisis and other instances like it.  There was once a time when we would go outside and take care of watering the yard and get a cool drink at the same time– right from the hose.  But now we are sure that these days our water is not as safe to drink as we may believe.

A water cooler could be the solution to this problem.  Some people choose to make a purchase out of the variety of products available in supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores.  Unfortunately, they often are not worth the trouble– as the ones that are faucet attachments usually lack the necessary filtering and pitchers with filters mean having to repeat multiple steps just for around 48 fluid ounces of water or less.

Even those of us with eco-system concerns about the potential waste that could occur from water cooler services have no need to worry because when you talk with the consultants at Aqua Aid Water Cooler, Air Conditioning & Heating Services.  Because we specialize in a variety of services for your refreshment needs, you can be sure that we take part in creating a more healthy planet Earth by sanitizing or recycling our coolers for re-use.  We never encounter the same waste problems that the water bottle companies do because we participate in green contributions.  Our special bottle-free units gives you the convenience of being more cost effective than bottled ones, with the same crisp, clean taste.

To reach even greater levels of refreshment for your business or home, we at Aqua Aid also offer responsible and reliable air conditioning & heating services.  Whether it be a commercial or residential work site, we can bring you the best in HVAC repair, heater installations, air con, and more.  Our team of technicians have multiple decades of experience in the heat and cooling field, and are dedicated to bringing you top quality in both rain or shine.  No job is too big or small for us and our lengthy and successful track record with our clients is no joke.  We have a large stock of units available such as the materials needed for in-floor heat, air duct cleaning services, ductless air conditioners, and repairs for any kind of make & model out there.  If you are in the commercial sector and need some assistance with boilers out of state, then you could also give Chesapeake HVACS – boiler installation a call for more help.

So if you are looking for an all-in-one place to find high quality refreshment for your buildings, then give the team at Aqua Aid Water Cooler, Air Conditioning & Heating Services a try for yourself.  Our offices are full of friendly and helpful individuals who are quick and more than happy to answer any questions that you have about our water coolers, air cooling, or heat.  We can even help direct you to our friends and partners out-of-state for every location in-between, like – affordable prices on heat pumps.  For a free no-obligation quotation, just ask one of our administrators after you get ahold of us and you will be surprised at how much money you can save– even with newer appliances.

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